About Us

About Federation Of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore

Established in 1985, The Federation Of Merchants’ Associations, Singapore (FMAS) is a non-profit organisation that plays a key and pro-active role in representing the interest of the merchants and hawkers under the care of the Housing Development Board (HDB) Neighbourhood, National Environment Agency (NEA) Hawker Centres. We have more than 49 active member associations. These member associations and their members together with FMAS provide a strong network for businesses, education, and community development. Together we share a strong sense of pride and success in our community.

About Heartland Enterprise Centre Singapore (HECS)

Heartland Enterprise Centre Singapore (HECS) is a subsidiary of The Federation of Merchants’ Association Singapore and was set up with the support from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) as a dedicated resource center to champion the rejuvenation of neighbourhood town centres and to grow heartland businesses.