Get on the path of success through NETS' QR payment solution. Transform how you engage with your customers to help drive greater value and business growth.

通过 NETS 的 QR 支付解决方案走上成功之路。转变您与客户的互动方式,以帮助推动更大的价值和业务增长

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to QR codes being a familiar sight among the general public, as they have been the default way to check in to locations. As a result, the pandemic has also changed customer behaviour, with consumers becoming more used to technology when they shop. Small businesses must adapt and stay on top of how customers want to pay.


Learn how easy and affordable it is to get started on NETS' digital platforms and offer your customers better ways to pay with speed, convenience and security. Unlock even more value for your business with NETS' dedicated app and merchant portal to view your daily sales total and transaction history in real-time, and get access to invoices and customised reports to quickly reconcile transactions.



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